Our Classrooms

Infant Program6 weeks – 12 months – Our Baby Birdies are introduced to their first social experiences while building trust, love and lasting relationships with their caregivers. Our Infant Program is the only classroom that promotes individual schedules according to each child’s needs and parental requests. We provide a separate sleep room with 16 cribs for the infants to use. Teacher to child ratio – 1:4

waddler room

Waddlers Program: 12 months to 18 months – Our Playful Penguins are learning to become more mobile through physical exploration of their surroundings. This classroom promotes Toddler readiness for the next level of development. Teacher to child ratio – 1:4

Now enrolling in our Waddler Room children ages 12-18 months old.

toddler classroom

Toddler Program: 18- 24 months –  Our Brilliant Bumblebees are developing language skills which helps them in dealing with their peers in a positive manner. Teacher to child ratio – 1:5

Now enrolling in our Toddler Room children ages 18-24 months.


Two Year Old Program: 24-36 months – The Two year old children are broken into two classes. Our Cool Caterpillars are introduced to social interaction and positive self concepts. They are striving for personal independence and learning self-help skills.  Our Outstanding Owls are mastering self -help skills along with independence. Teacher to child ratio – 1:8

Preschool Classroom

Preschool Program: 3 Year Old – Our Fabulous Frogs are working on language development and alphabet recognition are emphasized while building social skills and self-esteem. Teacher to child ratio – 1:10

Pre-K Program: 4 Year Olds – Our Llamas are challenged in areas of language arts and number concepts, both individually and within a small groups. Kindergarten readiness is promoted through center-based and hands-on activities. Teacher to child ratio – 1:10

Children in the 2 Year Old, Preschool and Pre-K Programs visit Chapel every Wednesday morning in the church sanctuary with the church Pastor and participate in Weekly Music Classes with the Church Music Director.